House & Garden Shooting Powder

$20.00 — $88.00

House & Garden Shooting Powder is the secret behind every successful grower. This sparkling bud expander is the most effective flowering stimulator in the horticultural industry. Shooting Powder yields clearly visible results and works brilliantly in unison with all base nutrients. It comes conveniently packaged in sachets, it is simple to use and it has been extensively refined and tested by our dedicated and experienced team of researchers.

Shooting Powder has already earned great respect within the horticultural industry and has continued to deliver remarkable results to our valued customers.

Success Through Design
House & Garden Shooting Powder has been cleverly engineered to trigger your plants into initiating a second cycle of new flower development. Normally, half way through the flowering cycle new flower production ceases, and the plants resources are focused toward the expansion of existing flowers. However, when plants are exposed to Shooting Powder, a new flowering cycle is initiated and flower production starts again.

Shooting Powder is a unique high phosphate bloom enhancer that stimulates cell division and helps to harden and expand flowers. The results are substantial and observable within 5 days and will astonish even the most experienced flower grower. Never before have increases been so apparent and dramatic. Consequently, Shooting Powder is commonly referred to as ‘the secret to success’ amongst professional Dutch flower growers.

We have been overwhelmed by the continuous, positive feed back in regard to this specialty product and we are delighted to invite you to let Shooting Powder enable you to achieve your plants maximum potential.

For Best Results
Timing is crucial. House and Garden Shooting Powder has been carefully designed to stimulate a second cycle of new flower production. Therefore, Shooting Powder should be used for the last 3 weeks of the plants flowering cycle. See for yourself why Shooting Powder is the preferred flowering stimulant in Europe and throughout the world.

Mix Rates
1. Fill your reservoir with water
2. Add base nutrients to an EC of 1.2 (an E.C. of 2.2 is common at this stage of flowering so essentially you need to cut your base nutrient back by almost half) and adjust your pH to your normal levels.
3. Add your shooting powder. Shooting powder will cause your nutrient solutions pH to rise, DO NOT adjust the pH once the shooting powder has been added, it will self adjust to its required pH.

* Use 1 sachet per 100L of mixed nutrients at E.C. 1.2, for the first week of the last 3 weeks.
* Use 2 sachets per 100L of mixed nutrients at E.C 1.2, for the second week of the last 3 weeks.
* Use 2 sachets per 100L of mixed nutrients at E.C. 1.2, for the final week.

Product Tip
House and Garden Shooting Powder is an extremely potent flowering stimulant. Do not apply in conjunction with any PKs or similar products high in PKs.

Due to the extremely potent nature of Shooting Powder, it is only recommended for use with plants that are 100 % happy and healthy. Shooting Powder will demand a substantial amount of energy from your plants. Do not apply Shooting Powder if your plants are suffering from any health issues or deficiencies.

Sizes Available
100 gm Sachets