Canna Bio Boost

$34.00 — $449.00

After years of field studies in the primary rainforests of South Asia, Africa and Middle America, among other places, and research in CannaResearch’s laboratories, CANNA is very proud to introduce BioBOOST!

BioBOOST is a yield-increasing agent for all cultivation systems and can be applied in combination with all of CANNA’s nutritional lines and additives. BioBOOST is not a nutrient, but a natural fermented plant extract with bloom-stimulating characteristics that are also responsible for a fuller flavor.

BioBOOST was developed by CannaResearch from plant extracts from tropical rainforests and is a true boost for plants. The bioactive substances result in an extra metabolism, which is exactly what the plant needs during the blooming period. The plants produce more fructose, become healthier and stronger and are less vulnerable to diseases and plagues. The result is a higher yield with a strong, exuberant and vigorous fructification.
The number of bioactive substances in BioBOOST is enormous.